While all the talk around campus is about the football team’s victory over USC West, and what they wore, the Tennessee basketball team took the court Friday night for an exhibition game against the University of North Alabama. The exhibition gave us a fist glimpse at the new guys, progressions of the returning players, and what we can expect in the season to come. It was only an exhibition, but here is what fans can take home from the Vol’s 117-79 victory. Read the rest of this entry »



Photo Courtesy: Adam Brimer, KNS


Halloween was in the air this weekend around the Strip/UT campus area, and it was a nice setting for a big couple days for Volunteer football. A win over Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks was sweetened by good news on the recruiting front. Read the rest of this entry »

I have to believe that betting men all over the country are taking the Vols -5 points on Saturday after last week’s near upset of Alabama on national television. If that line proves to be correct, you can count me as one who’ll be very surprised. It’s a huge game for Tennessee because we’re still in dire need of an impressive win. I think Georgia was huge, but nobody was talking about it outside of the Southeast. The Gamecocks are ranked 21st in the AP Poll and the national ESPN audience gives Kiffin a great opportunity to capitalize on the buzz he’s generated with close games against Florida and Alabama. Read the rest of this entry »


Hi guys.  I’m Paul, and I’ll be helping the guys cover basketball this season, rendering me the Bert Bertlekamp of 16th and Highland.  Coincidently, this is a strong analogy, as we both are tall, lanky, and enthusiastic about Tennessee basketball.  The story of my love for Tennessee basketball might not contain a chapter where I finish with the 9th most assists in school history, like Bert, but is unique in its own right.  I have to attribute my Tennessee fandom to my pops, who attended UT during the 70’s and saw the “Ernie and Bernie Show” first hand, sealing his fate as a diehard Tennessee basketball fan.  This love of Tennessee basketball was passed to me at a young age, and remains strong to this day.  While I might be far too young to have witnessed the days of Ray Mears and the orange blazer, I grew up watching Kevin O’Neil and Jerry Green coach the Vols to mediocrity in the 90’s, and now the Peterson and Pearl years of the 2000’s. Read the rest of this entry »

It sucks to lose. And it really sucks to lose to Alabama. And it sucks even worse to outplay them, be in position to win, and still lose. Read the rest of this entry »

As the middle of the college football season is upon us, the SEC is an eclectic league with three contenders, a bunch of middle tier teams and a few resident door mats. Big games this past weekend that could have postseason implications as the season progresses. With the Third Saturday in October (even though its not) and the LSU-Auburn cat fight on the horizon, the SEC’s two best teams seperated themselves on Saturday. Read the rest of this entry »

Rams reciever/defensive back Eric Williams.

Rams reciever/defensive back Eric Williams.


Since it’s a bye week, I think this would be a good oppurtunity to look at some of the great football that’s being played in the state, but not by the Vols.

It would be inaccurate to say that I grew up in a football family. Mac was lucky enough to grow up with a family full of football fanatics, where as my family was originally a baseball family. My uncle Randy, however, was the sole exception. Randy Mckamey was a former star linebacker/safety at Clinton high school, he went on to walk on at Tennessee and he played some practice squad and even got into a game on kick coverage against Akron. He wasn’t a star by any means, but he played with Carl Pickens and he ran through the T on Saturday; thats something. He moved on to coaching high school and has had stops at Clinton, Oliver Springs, Anderson County and is now the head coach at Grace Christian Academy. I am fortunate enough to do the color commentary for the Rams games, which are streamed online live and archived at their website, here. Last weekend they played region rival and fellow undefeated team Harriman. The Rams took control early and won the game with very little drama 35-6. But it was at that game I witnessed the single most dominating performance by a high school athlete I’ve ever seen.

If you’ve ever played any competitive sport you’ve seen this happen. If you were good, then perhaps you were actually fortunate enough to experience it. Players talk about just “being in a zone,” when they play exceptionally well, yet can’t explain it. Ladies and gents, on Friday, October 16th number twelve Davis Frank was in the zone. He recorded 24 tackles 8 tackles for loss 6 sacks 2 forced fumbles and 2 blocked punts. Granted, this is single-a football in the hills of east Tennessee, it’s not like he was going against Michael Oher at right tackle. But the other team was doing everything they could to stop him. They chipped him with backs, they double teamed him, they held him, clipped him, did everything but give him a water cooler to the face; and they couldn’t stop him. He stopped the run, rushed the passer, even pulled the quarterback down by his jersey from while he was on his back.It was total domination from beginning to end, and it was a lot of fun to watch. Frank is listed at 6’3″ 210lbs. He’s got the build to add weight to and maybe even get into that 225lbs range. He has a really nice first step that would allow him to play rush linebacker in a 3-4 set, maybe at the college level.

The game is archived here: http://www.gcasports.com/. If nothing else, the Rams are a really fun team to watch. They spread the ball out, run all kinds of misdirection plays, and have some really good athletes*. The performance by Davis Frank also makes the game worth watching, if nothing else, click and check out the sack he makes at the 2:06:30 mark.

*I spoke about Davis Frank, but #5 Eric Williams is a 6’5″, 210-215lbs WR/TE/CB/LB/S and I would guess he runs a somewhere in the neighborhood of a 4.7 forty. He spends most of his time at receiver and cornerback which is a matchup nightmare. He’s a bit of a headcase on the field. I remember a game two years ago when he got a celebration penalty after scoring a long touchdown, the Rams subsequently missed the extra point and then lost the game in overtime. But if Williams keeps his head on straight he’s dominating. #2 Chris Campbell is a very good running back as well. All three could play college football at some level.


The first off week of the Lane Kiffin era has Kiffin and company jet setting around the country, trying to find the best talent available for the Vols. Names like  Michael Dyer, Morgan Moses, Lamarcus Joyner and Cody Riggs will surely be tossed around in the next few weeks. Tennessee fans should be hopeful, afterall if nothing else, coach Kiffin has proven his worth on the recruiting trail already with the number five class in the country according to Rivals. Many of the freshman Kiffin recruited from last year are making an impact on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Early playing time, in my opinion, is the single best way to get a recruit, and Tennessee has shown an extreme willingness to play freshman. So here’s an update before the first off week of the year on how the recruits we got are doing, as well as how some of the ones we didn’t get are performing.

The Good:

1. Janzen Jackson: He’s been everything I thought he could be and more. He doesn’t quite fly around like Berry did as a freshman, but he’s bigger. He slid into the starting lineup after only one week and I don’t think Prentiss Wagner has been heard from since; and I thought he looked good in fall camp. I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here, but Jackson has a chance to be a really good, All SEC type player. Read the rest of this entry »

Fellow Vols, it was cloudy in Knoxville on Saturday, but inside Neyland Stadium, it was as beautiful as it has been in a long time. Tennessee was dominant, pounding Georgia for the second time in a row at Neyland. It was just one of those games where everything clicked; even on the Vols’ opening drive, which stalled and ended in a punt, Tennessee looked like a different team. As big as the Auburn game was, Georgia was huge for the Vols’ season. Almost decisive. Going into a bye week, UT will look to get rested and prepared for Alabama. A few things they’ll take away from the UGA game tape: Read the rest of this entry »

chill pill

Back away from the ledge. Seriously, fellow Tennessee fans, I want you all to take a collective breath and calm down. Yes, we lost to Auburn this weekend. Yes, we’re sitting at 2-3 on the year with losses to two teams that we fired our last coach for losing to last year. I am not worried, I’m not even a little phased. And something I think other Tennessee fans would benefit from knowing is that there are a lot of new Tennessee fans who are not worried either. Find out who they are after the jump.

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