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In excitement over the young talent we have on campus now, I thought I’d take a look at our depth chart and compare it to past Vols. The process is this: I took our starters and compared them to the past 4 starters we’ve had at each position. Since there isn’t always a clear starter, and there are multiple starters at certain positions, you’ll have to bear with me. I stuck to the skill positions since I thought the offensive line would get tedious. I’ll do the defense later.  Read the rest of this entry »


While reading Jacob’s prediction post, I really thought he was going to pick us to beat Alabama. I’m glad he didn’t. Because while I, too, am optimistic about our young Vol squad, 10-2 is very lofty. If he had gone with 11-1, I would’ve called him crazier than John Henderson’s trainer. Here’s how I see this season playing out. Read the rest of this entry »

Call him a bright spot. A sparkle of light in a dark time. A point of pride among Tennessee fans who haven’t had much else to go on. All these things are true when talking about Eric Berry, the Vol savior, redeemer, and King of Big Orange Country. The guy who allowed us to say, “yea we may be losing, but Eric Berry is crushing fools.” Read the rest of this entry »
You think Ronine Brown reminds Jason Allen of this every day at Dolphins practice? I bet he does.

You think Ronnie Brown reminds Jason Allen of this every day at Dolphins practice? I bet he does.

Because Mckenzie and I follow recruiting as closely as we do, we will very often become overly attached to certain guys. And of course, when this happens, certain players break our hearts. It’s really painful when you have a guy all locked up, or down to the last two or three, and he decides to go to another school. We take it harder than most. I have had my heart broken by more 18 year old boys than Jennifer Love Hewitt in the late Nineties. But because I’m a glutton for punishment, here’s a list of some of the more high profile players that either de-commited to Tennessee or led us on like Mac’s prom date.

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In one of my first posts on this site, I mentioned that the 1991 Notre Dame game, better known as The Miracle at South Bend, was a huge influence on my development as a Tennessee fan. The video replay I had broke, and until recently, I had never seen the game since I was a young kid. Well, through the wonders of technology, I now own the DVD version. I’ve decided to do a Miracle at South Bend Notebook for you fans who were around then. I’ll simply follow the game as if it were live, and jot down my thoughts as they happen. Check it out: Read the rest of this entry »