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Photo: Amy Smotherman Burgess, KNS

Tennessee’s coaching staff has been celebrated from its earliest moments by both fans and the media. For several different reasons, the staff has a sort of star quality. For one, there’s the obvious appeal of Lane Kiffin coaching with his father (shades of Junior Griffey knocking back-to-back dingers with Senior). Read the rest of this entry »



Photo Courtesy: Adam Brimer, KNS


Halloween was in the air this weekend around the Strip/UT campus area, and it was a nice setting for a big couple days for Volunteer football. A win over Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks was sweetened by good news on the recruiting front. Read the rest of this entry »

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You guys probably didn’t know this, but we are shown the search terms that lead people to our blog. These are the ones from yesterday:

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Must be Auburn week, huh? Read the rest of this entry »

It can be one of the more difficult things to try to do as a sports team, that is to come back from an emotional game against the top-rated team in the country and bring your A game the next week. The Bobcats of Ohio are far from anyone’s radar on the national scene. I would by lying if I said I have ever watched a down of Ohio football, I know very little about them other than the fact that their current coach, Frank Solich, was at Nebraska when Bobby Purify (one of the great sports names) and Chris Brown DESTROYED Nebraska in the Big 12 title game, then Nebraska played for the BCS Title anyways; but I digress. While it is difficult to evaluate a team in the SEC based on the result of a team like Ohio, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we can learn as fans from watching this game. Below are a few things I’m going to be keeping an eye out for against Ohio. Read the rest of this entry »


 “The Vols don’t stare the Gators in the eye like they once did.”

Mike Strange said that in his most recent piece. Hokey? Absolutely. But that doesn’t change the fact that the idea Strange was trying to convey is an accurate one. There was once a time when the Gators and Volunteers were rivals; that time is gone. But even when Tennessee could accurately be called a rival of the Gators, they were never public enemy number one in Gainesville. They were never THE rival; that title belonged to Florida State*. And it has always irked me that no matter how much I hate the Gators, they will never hate me back as much. Having a rival is exciting. Being able to focus all your negative energy, team-related frustrations, and passion into one bad guy is exhilarating. It also creates a sense of unity amongst the fan base.It can even be as simple as, “You hate Florida? I hate Florida. We now friends.” It also makes game week more exciting, especially with the advent of the interweb. Now I don’t have to be standing next to a Florida fan to talk noise, I can give them the business from the comfort of my own couch. A good, solid rivalry is essential to having a successful college football program; and we don’t have one. Read the rest of this entry »

Might as well be the cover of UCLA's media guide this year...

Might as well be the cover of UCLA's media guide this year...

“BECAUSE THEY PLAY IN THE PAC-10 AND THE PAC-10 CAN’T COMPETE WITH THE SEC!!!1EXCALMATIONPOINT!1!!.” Seriously, pop over to VolChat and you’ll see plenty of posts like that (not that I dislike Volchat, I check it daily, but there are some morons that post there).  And yes, the SEC is a more competitive conference in just about every way than the Pac-10, but that doesn’t mean that Tennessee is playing a game they can’t conceivably lose. To be clear, I think we wax that ass,  but not because UCLA isn’t physical. Read the rest of this entry »