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While reading Jacob’s prediction post, I really thought he was going to pick us to beat Alabama. I’m glad he didn’t. Because while I, too, am optimistic about our young Vol squad, 10-2 is very lofty. If he had gone with 11-1, I would’ve called him crazier than John Henderson’s trainer. Here’s how I see this season playing out. Read the rest of this entry »



It is one of the hardest things in to do in the world of sports.  How can I, just a humble student and fan, possibly take off my impossibly orange lens glasses long enough to actually put together a well thought out, coherent, impartial list of predictions for Tennessee this year? Sure, part of me wants to pick an upset in the Swamp and a trip to the BCS National Championship. But I’m still just so scarred from last year. I’ve had my hopes up so many times, only to see eggs laid in openers at UCLA or Cal. But this is more than just a new year, it’s a new era. So here are my season predictions, Mac will do his tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry »

I wrote up a piece for one of our favorite football websites, It’s on five keys for Tennessee’s season, so pop on over there and see whats up. If you aren’t already reading SECrivals on a regular basis, you really should be.

It was another hot Saturday at Neyland, but Kiff had the Vols hitting it hard today, and in more of a game-like situation. We saw a lot we want to talk about so we’re just going to do a positional breakdown. Let’s get to it: Read the rest of this entry »



Obviously, my excitement level over Tennessee football will drop, at least marginally, if Bryce Brown is ruled ineligible. I don’t have any insight into the situation or what punishment has or will be levied against him. From what I’m hearing via Hubbs and a few others, hopefully it will be a game or two and he could be back in time for Florida. That being said, I don’t think it can be overstated how important it will be for the freshman to see playing time early, and in situations where they can actually make a play (i.e. not some half-ass screen like they gave Eric Berry in the Vanderbilt game last season). However, regardless of how that situation turns out, it is imperative that our freshman see the field early, and often. Read the rest of this entry »


He is easily the biggest enigma of the 2009 Tennessee Volunteers for me. He is perhaps the biggest mystery to me since I started following UT. Called the most heralded quarterback recruit since Peyton himself, Crompton committed to Tennessee in the spring of his senior season. Other schools came calling, but he stayed true to his commitment despite offers from quarterback gurus such as Mark Richt and Steve Spurrier. Arriving after Erik Ainge’s sparkling freshman season, hope abounded at the quarterback position as fans (myself most certainly included) believed Tennessee was set at the quarterback position until 2010.

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It’s the same campus as last year. For the most part. There are a few changes. “The Rock” is in a different place, the Pilot on the strip has been renovated, and there’s some twisted mass of metal on the Pedestrian Mall that I think the University is calling a monument or something. Other than these minor details, the single largest physical difference on campus lies where Peyton Manning Pass runs into Phillip Fulmer. Read the rest of this entry »