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I suspect there are very few Tennessee fans unhappy with the Volunteer football team right now. In nine games this season, Kiffin’s boys have done what was rationally expected of them. They’ve been competitive against good teams, they’ve beaten similar ones and pounded lesser ones. The UCLA and Auburn losses still sting and it’s frustrating to think that the Vols are that close to being a nationally ranked 7-2 contender. Still, look at the progress.

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I have to believe that betting men all over the country are taking the Vols -5 points on Saturday after last week’s near upset of Alabama on national television. If that line proves to be correct, you can count me as one who’ll be very surprised. It’s a huge game for Tennessee because we’re still in dire need of an impressive win. I think Georgia was huge, but nobody was talking about it outside of the Southeast. The Gamecocks are ranked 21st in the AP Poll and the national ESPN audience gives Kiffin a great opportunity to capitalize on the buzz he’s generated with close games against Florida and Alabama. Read the rest of this entry »

Fellow Vols, it was cloudy in Knoxville on Saturday, but inside Neyland Stadium, it was as beautiful as it has been in a long time. Tennessee was dominant, pounding Georgia for the second time in a row at Neyland. It was just one of those games where everything clicked; even on the Vols’ opening drive, which stalled and ended in a punt, Tennessee looked like a different team. As big as the Auburn game was, Georgia was huge for the Vols’ season. Almost decisive. Going into a bye week, UT will look to get rested and prepared for Alabama. A few things they’ll take away from the UGA game tape: Read the rest of this entry »

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Saturday’s game against Auburn is the biggest of the year for the Vols thus far. It’s a winnable game against a quality SEC opponent. Before the season started, it was obvious this would be the heart of Tennessee’s schedule. Three SEC games in a row, three games in which the Vols should be competitive. When it’s bowl season, we will be look back at this stretch and either say, “man, that hurt us,” or “we got a lot better.” I hope it’s the latter. Either way, here’s 5 big things to look for over the next three weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

Photo Courtesy: Adam Brimer, KNS

Photo Courtesy: Adam Brimer, KNS

Fellow Vol fans, Jacob and I would like to apologize for the tardiness of our UF game analysis. The fact is, we were both on the road this weekend watching football. Jacob saw the Atlanta Falcons beat the Carolina Panthers while I witnessed the beatdown my brother’s Hardin County Tigers put on Memphis Westwood (yes, that’s right…even the parts of our lives that aren’t ruled by Tennessee football are still ruled by football). Anyways, there’s a lot to discuss about the Florida game, but as I’m sure you’ve already rehashed the game several times (as we have), I’ll try to be as succinct as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Football Gods,

I come to you today with a burden. The stories of two different players are weighing heavily on my mind. These are two quarterbacks, your chosen position, that have very polarizing careers. In their own way, they are two of the most notable players in recent SEC history. What they mean to their respective schools is different than any other. Their names are Tim Tebow and Jonathan Crompton. Read the rest of this entry »


That sucked. It sucked so badly that neither I, not Mac, could bring ourselves to write a game recap. You saw it, you know what happened, you don’t need us to tell you. So instead, I think the best way to convey our opinions on yesterday is through a series of quotes. The following are things that were said by either myself, Mckenzie, and one drunken sorority girl with seats in front of us.

” When your quarterback struggles, everyone struggles. Your running game suffers cause they stack the box. Your receivers struggle for obvious reasons. Your defense struggles because you can’t flip field position and they’re constantly battling a short field. You can’t beat good, or even mediocre teams when your quarterback struggles. And Crompton didn’t struggle, he was beyond that.”-Mckenzie

Yesterday we saw the return of Crapton. Maybe I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t. I had been won over by the scrimmages I had seen, the practice reports, the new coaching staff and week 1. Evidently those things didn’t mean shit. I had a great line worked out as well, check it out: “Today we spell redemption J-O-N.” But we don’t. Crompton was really bad, and quite frankly, I don’t know what Tennessee is supposed to do now at quarterback. The rest of the quotes come after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

You know it’s gameday in Fort Sanders when you pass a parking lot and see a random dude in an orange vest standing in the middle of it. This person’s job is to stand there and make sure no one parks in his lot that isn’t supposed to. Parking, just like every other part of gameday in Knoxville, is madness. This Saturday, September 12th, is UCLA gameday. And madness, folks, is what we’ll have here tonight if Tennessee comes out and makes another statement. Read the rest of this entry »

In excitement over the young talent we have on campus now, I thought I’d take a look at our depth chart and compare it to past Vols. The process is this: I took our starters and compared them to the past 4 starters we’ve had at each position. Since there isn’t always a clear starter, and there are multiple starters at certain positions, you’ll have to bear with me. I stuck to the skill positions since I thought the offensive line would get tedious. I’ll do the defense later.  Read the rest of this entry »