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After originally signing with Tennessee in 2007 as a 6’4″ 215 pound linebacker, Marlon Walls will suit up for the Vols tomorrow as a 6’4″ 290 pound defensive tackle. The NCAA Clearing House took their thumbs out of their  butt holes long enough to actually do something, which is nice. This news is surely a relief for Walls who was thiiiis close to being Gerald Williams part II. Walls will also be a welcome sight for a defensive line that tries to replace a first round draft choice (Robert Ayers) and relies heavily on Old Creaky Knees (Wes Brown) and the the freshman beast Montori Hughes. Ed Orgeron has said that Walls will probably play tackle and Walls says he was running circles around our recievers in the summer. Hopefully Walls can get in shape and provide some athletecism inside. At 6’4″ 290 he kind of has a Leroi Glover type build, could develop into an exciting young duo with Montori Hughes.