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Homeboy yacked all over himsef and the beautiful baby sitting next to him. So maybe not a happy Lane Kiffin Day for him.

Homeboy yacked all over himself and the beautiful baby sitting next to him. So maybe not a happy Lane Kiffin Day for him.

I can’t figure out where in the world to start. It’s just been a great day. We were Jacob was up and at it as early as 6:30 to make a Chick-Fil-A nugget tray pick-up. There are three main components of a great gameday: food, friends, and football, and we were blessed with a lot of all three. Here’s how we felt about the game. Read the rest of this entry »


Seriously is today as long for those of you at work as it is for me? ¬†How am I supposed to listen my professor lecture on Taming of the Shrew when all I can think about is how there is no way Western Kentucky will be able to tame Eric Berry?!?! A friend of mine said the other day that someone needs to get the Fort Saunders area a collective bag to breath into, and that is absolutely the case. So for those of you reading in other parts of the state wondering¬† just how high the fever pitch has reached on campus…it’s deafening. 23 hours and 27 minutes to go.


Our new apartment at 16th and Highland has changed a lot of things for us. We walk everywhere now. Walk to class, walk to get food. I literally haven’t left the Fort Sanders/UT Campus area in about a week and a half. My car battery is dead and it hasn’t been a problem. Because we’re so plugged in, we’ve been discussing our game day activities with excitement. We plan on experiencing everything game day has to offer that we can. One important aspect of game day is food. In thinking about the Strip come WKU time, I thought I’d put together a “Where to Eat” guide, student style.

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