Anybody can be a Tennessee fan; there are few requirements. Really, all you have to do is love Bluetick coonhounds and a unique shade of orange called PMS021. I might also add that you should know whether corn grows on Rocky Top or not, and maybe that you should be familiar with girls that are half bear, the other half cat. It helps if you’re from the state of Tennessee. I would strongly contend that no town in the state, Memphis included, cheers for any team more than the Vols. How many other big-time college football programs have that kind of stranglehold on their state? By my count, there are a possible five: Penn State, Georgia, Nebraska, Arkansas, and LSU. This one of my favorite things about our state, that no matter where you go in Tennessee, you’re in Big Orange Country. If you’re a Vol from West Tennessee like me (731 whut, whuuut) you might have never even sniffed UT’s campus. Then again, you might have spent hours upon hours here as a student. With this thought in mind, I’ve snapped a few autumn images around campus and compiled them here for your viewing pleasure. Every individual UT fandom is a beautiful thing, so soak these in however you will.


Melrose Hall. For anyone who has lived here and had to endure the lack of air conditioning, don't worry. There's still none.


McClung Tower, tallest building on campus. Along with McClung museum, the tower is named for Frank H. McClung, father of the ecclectic Lee McClung, Hall of Fame Yale halfback and father of the cutback run, inaugural football coach at Cal-Berkeley, and Treasurer of the United States under William Howard Taft.


Hodges Library, an excellent facility that UT students take full advantage of. Jacob and I once spent 12 hours straight in there.


Supposedly if you hit this bull's nuts with a penny you'll pass your next test.


The Torchbearer. Officially, "The Volunteer Statue" and one of the coolest aspects of campus. It has stood there holding a near-continuous flame since 1968.


At the foot of the Torchbearer.


A neighbor to Neyland.


The Power T is kind of everywhere.


I'm unaware of the history of this box but I love it. It's on the south side of the stadium.


Stop Bama Always


Neyland from the Claxton Complex


Neyland from Circle Park, which brings us to the good stuff. It just so happens that random gates at Neyland will occasionally be open. I have to fight the urge to walk in every time. As you'll notice, I don't always succeed.





So there you have it, fellow Vols. That’s my album. I hope it was good enough to remind alumni of some fond memories and to inspire Vol fans that have never been here to make their mecca. It’s necessary. Those last few pictures of a majestic, empty Neyland don’t compare to how I felt when I was standing there taking them. After all, if you’re from Tennessee, it’s your campus.